dcm4chee and oviyan2 do not show the images


I have a problem with dcm4chee when consulting a study, when viewing the saved image is not shown, and on the network you can see that there is an HTTP 404 request.

When going to the address of the image where the 404 error comes out, I get that the UID of the study is invalid.

But when I change the default value of the studyUID to the value of the objectUID, the image does show as follows.

Is there a way to change the value of studyUID for the objectUID? Do I have to configure other options to fix this problem?

Also in oviyam2 DICOM images uploaded from dcm4chee are not shown.

And when I click to see if you can see the detail of the image of oviyam2 it never loads, it always stays loading.

Please there is a way to solve this problem, thanks.

I am also facing this issue now. And I posted the issue on Uploaded DCOM Object Image is not displaying on oviyam2. Even bahmni oviyam2 demo is not displaying I have tried to explain in detail when it works and when it is not. Have you solve the issue and please view the link I have provided. The issue still exists on bahmni demo web. Is there anyone with a solution?

Hi, Oviyam2 needs to be upgraded to Oviyam2.8 and beyond (as it is broken on latest Chrome and FF - works on Safari). Currently there is a bug that we are trying to resolve with Oviyam latest, but this will come with 0.93. For the older version, you have to manually upgrade oviyam2. I will try to create a doc and share later this week. If you can not wait, I can share a draft email on how to upgrade on older system (DM me your mail).