DBSetup: A better alternative to DBUnit?


last week I tried out DBSetup and shared my experience with it in my blog.

I think the greatest advantage is that it offers value generators (great for id, uuid, creator, …. fields) Also, you don’t have to edit all xml files if a column is added to a table.

For the full story please read this post.

Your feedback is highly appreciated!

Cheers, Lukas


Hi Lukas,

It’s really awesome you know and use DBSetup, I well know team that make it (NinjaSquad), and I worked for them during a training course last year. So of course, I use DBSetup setup instead of DBUnit :smirk:

Your post is a good summary of DBSetup advantages, I enjoy it for date generation, HSQL integration, convenient API, and easily mock database schema initialization using couple of SQL queries.



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