Dates for the 2021 OpenMRS Annual Implementers' Conference

Hello Everyone,

We are now fast approaching the end of the year and with it comes the Annual OpenMRS Implementers’ Conference. This year the meeting will still be virtual however it will run for a longer period as we plan to have a hackathon. The plan is to have 3 days for the hackathon and 4 days for the meeting.

The meeting will entail virtual site visits, unconferencing sessions, plenary sessions, fish-bowl session, lighting talks and showcases. With this in mind, let us know what dates you would prefer for this year’s annual meeting:

Annual Meeting Dates
  • Hackathon dates:22nd to 24th Nov & Conference dates:29th Nov to 2nd Dec
  • Hackathon dates:1st to 3rd Dec & Conference dates:6th to 9th Dec
  • Hackathon dates:8th to 10th Dec & Conference dates:13th to 16th Dec

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Only reason I didn’t also vote for the 22nd-24th Nov is because it seems there is a National Public holiday in India on the 24.