Date field in the HTML Form Entry allows typing of Numbers via keyboard

Hey I am using the HtmlFormEntry version 3.8.0 and on having a date field, it prompts a datepicker which is good, however the field allows typing in integers… Should this be allowed, and if not can it be prevented?? Thank you…

@dbaluku the date field also allows the typing on the integers to as long as the same date standard as that stipulated by the datepicker is maintained

may be @ball can also throw more light on this

I am having an Error message when confirming the creation of a new patient:

Help please!

That looks to me like you are using OpenEMR rather than OpenMRS. I’m not sure this is the appropriate forum for questions about OpenEMR, but you’d likely be able to get an answer on their forum.

Thank you very much…How do I create a new topic?