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Hello everyone, as i’m new to OpenMRS i would like to test the Order Entry module does it still exist ? can i still use it on the 1.11 platform ? if yes How to download that module

thank you

Hi @tiless12, and welcome to the OpenMRS community. If you’re using the Reference Application, (OpenMRS 2.3.1) on top of Platform 1.11, you can use the Drug Order Entry Module. Unfortunately, the Order Entry module hasn’t been completed, so may have some missing features/bugs. But, it’s in active design/development now. Please see this recent talk thread explaining how to get and use it. Drug dispense and administration in OrderEntryUi

Thank you very much I have seen from the thread that you are making stuff for Haïti I’m so glad it happens that I’m an Haitian IT Integrator/Developper who must implement this nice platform for a small healthcare facility with my programmatic skills i wish to create a Order form almost like a prescription, but unfortunately, when I included the tags according to OpenMRS HTML Form Entry documentation, the system told me that it can’t resolve a DataType for an N/A Concept.

From digging into the “CONCEPT” table, it happens that the “123” record is the “MALARIA” diagnosis,.

Would you give me some advice on this please.


Leslie R Dupervil

Hi Leslie,

I’m glad to meet you, and hear about your work to implement OpenMRS in Haiti. Where is this the small healthcare facility located?

I would assume that it’s the way you are trying to use the concept that is causing the problem. For a diagnosis, you should probably use a concept like “DIAGNOSIS LIST” (CIEL:1282) with coded answer to the concept being MALARIA (123). If you need even more detail to the diagnosis, you could use “Visit Diagnosis” (CIEL:159947) set, which includes DIAGNOSIS LIST (1284), Diagnosis or problem, non-coded (161602),Diagnosis certainty (159394), Diagnosis order (159946), Diagnosis date (159948) and Problem severity (162820). FYI: If you’re using the CIEL dictionary (which I recommend) that Malaria concept (123) has been retired, and the new “MALARIA” diagnosis concept is (CIEL:116128).

If you still can’t figure it out, share the actual HTML code section that is causing you a problem with the “MALARIA” diagnosis, and we can try to go from there.

Glad to meet you too @arbaughj, and look forward sharing tought with you. The small healthcare facility will be a small dermato-clinic inside of MedCenter around Canape-Vert .

Regarding my question, maybe I have been wrong for the formulation (sorry for my poor English). The real case, it is that I want to create a form that will give the provider the opportunity to create order by being able to choose a drug from a drop-down list and also have the dosage filled, etc.

From the HTML Form Entry documentation I have read that the best way to create a drop-down list of drugs auto-filled elements is to use that TAG : **<obs conceptId="1296" answerClasses="Drug" style="autocomplete"/**>, but every since I’ve tried to include it into my Form coding part it gives me this error : Error! java.lang.RuntimeException: Cannot handle datatype: N/A (for concept 162552)

I will dig deeper into the CIEL documentation as you suggested, and look forward reading other suggestions from you.



thank you I’m all set.

I have found the correct concept for Medication Drug (by googling on CIEL) I just have to rebuild my index Concept @arbaughj Will share with you the form as soon as I will have it completed


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i am also facing same issue, you mention above, Cannot handle datatype: N/A (for concept 1296),

can you tell me how you fixed it, actually i am new with OpenMRS and dont have more idea.