Dashboard widgets does not translate date

Hi All,

We are using dashboard widgets (for ex - obsacrossencounters) from coreapps for our dashboard. But these widgets does not translate date when we are in non english locales.

Are we missing any configuration?

Sample widget with french locale showing date in engligh.

CC: @mksd @mddubey

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Thanks for reporting this @rrameshbtech, looks like a bug to me.

@mogoodrich you guys must use this in ‘fr’ in Haiti, have you ever come across this?

We don’t use the obsacrossencounter widget much, but I just tested one of the places that we do, and yes, this looks like a bug!

fyi @ball

Hello @mogoodrich,

Is there already any issue opened for this bug?

Thank you.

@ifernandes Are you still facing the same issue.Feel free to report it back

Hello @sharif. Yes we continue to have this issue. Exactly like explained on this talk description. Thanks for checking.

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cc @mogoodrich is there any further adjustment about this issue in PIH, Seems its still a bug to rectify

@ifernandes I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think I’ve added it… I would go ahead and add it.

Opened Issue on Openmrs: https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/RA-1857

Please let me know if any information is wrong or missing. Thank you!

cc: @mksd @mogoodrich

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