Dashboard specific Footer while printing

One of of our clients has 4 different visit dashboards. Each dashboard has the same header but different footer in print. eg OPD Discharge Summary may have a different footer than IVF Discharge Card.

Header can be managed using printing section in bahmni_config/openmrs/apps/clinical/visit.json as mentioned here

Dashboard specific footer was managed by adding additionalInfo and footer parameters in visit.json

"printing": {
  "title": "Arogya Hospital",
  "header": "Discharge Summary",
  "logo": "../images/bahmniLogo.png",
  "additionalInfo": "This is additional Information"
  "footer": "This is footer",


Also bahmniapps/ui/app/clinical/common/views/visitTabPrint.html was modified to reflect this in print


If there is a wider need for such requirement then footer may also be included in the Bahmni default implementation and we can raise PR for the same. Any takers?

Note: As this is not part of Bahmni default implementation, any future upgrades of Baahmni will overwrite visitTabPrint.html. So additional care should be taken to preserve these html level changes.

Sure, please raise a JIRA Card and a PR.