Daily Scrum meeting

@madushan i really appreciate your efforts to participate in this meeting.https://wiki.openmrs.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=28934730 has more highlights. Just feel free to ping me on chat or talk if you want more clarification.

@jwnasambuThanks. How should I proceed on TRUNK -4954 where I have a blocker.

@madushan during scrum meeting, type blocker (that is if you have) and the scrum manager will assign someone to help you at the end of the meeting. Apparently you can ping @dkayiwa to help you on chat.

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@madushan alternatively create a talk post to get help from the community.

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@jwnasambu I participated in yesterday’s scrum and told me I have a blocker in TRUNK-4954. And I didn’t receive any guidance as of yet.

@madushan lets to do it on chat i wish to help you.

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@jwnasambu thanks Your support is highly appreciated. My Travis CI build fails in pre written test case

@madushan create a talk post someone in the community will help fix

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@jwnasambu I already created a topic, weeks back but received no help yet.

@madushan am seeing some responses on your talk post. Have you read through?

@madushan try to ping @raff

@jwnasambu Yes I read through.

@jwnasambu Thanks I will ping him