Customizing the address fields

Hello, I would like to modify the address fields under patient registration. I wish to rename all the fields like address 1, state/province, postal code and replace them with administrative units in my country like district, county, etc. How can I achieve this. A note that I have tried to edit the field under “manage address template” but this has not helped. Please advise.

Just incase you find this helpful: Address Hierarchy Module - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

Thank you @dkayiwa., however the information provided is a guide to implementing dropdown lists. I am still struggling with removing the original mapped address fields

Which OpenMRS platform version are you using?

OpenMRS 2.0 (Call for life distribution)

Share a screenshot with the labels that you want to change.

@dkayiwa, please see screenshot.

Which OpenMRS distribution is this?

It looks like it’s Uganda emr

It looks like Connect For Life. let’s however wait her response

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Yes it is connect for life

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