Customizing sales invoice

Hi, I am from Nepal and working on Bahmni v 0.86. I want to customize the sales invoice print to display tax amount in the same line rather than in a different block, and there are some other changes to be made to comply with Nepal’s government rules. Can this be done from openERP UI? Or is there any .rml format file that needs to be modified and called from my custom program? Please suggest.

I was going through these steps( ) but I could not identify the correct .rml file in Bahmni’s openERP for doing so.

Regards Sudip

Hi @sudipkoirala, Can you please share a screenshot on what is there right now and what you are expecting?

And looking at code it seems like there was supposed to be bahmni_sale_discount/report/account_print_invoice.rml but it was deleted in a commit. May be you can try adding it back and customizing according to your needs. And do let us know on any findings.

Thanks @swathivarkala for the git link. Let me try out by using the code. I have a question though: How is Bahmni’s openERP generating tax invoice print when the rml file was deleted? Does it have some sort of compiled file which is being used by Bahmni to print sales invoice?

Hi Sudip, Odoo framework is a bit complex. Thats why i couldn’t find the exact link on how the default print is being overridden. But seems like bahmni_sale_discount/report/account_print_invoice.rml is the file responsible for the invoice print. Pease let me know if you feel different.