Customizing Clinical bahmni app: search fields


I am trying to see how bahmni can be customized and configured for a small hospital in the middle east. I’m just looking into how different parts of bahmni can be customized.

One customization the hospital would find useful is to have more search options for doctors in the “clinical” app. Currently it only searches by patient name and patient id (bahmni/clinical/index.html#/default/patient/search).

We would like to let doctors search for patients using some more search fields that are more useful for identification for us:

  • patient name in another language (arabic)
  • custom person attribute, which is a string (secondary identification number)

Looking at github here, there is a file patientsList.html which seems to show only the one search field: patientIdentifier.

I was wondering what would be a reasonable way to add search fields?

Thanks for any help.

Hi @mdg583,

Bahmni Apps is customized by creating your own config folder that let’s you modify a lot of things in the app (see the doc here and its sub-articles). Including patient search fields.

For patient search customization, have you had a look at this documentation article?


Hi @mksrom

Thanks for your comments. I’d seen that the registration module has configuration for search.

For whatever reason, the doctors at this clinic sometimes seem to need to search for patients who don’t have an active visit, for which they’ve been using the “All” tab of the patient search of the Clinical app. I’m not sure the reasons, one may be that some doctors end a patient’s active visit too early.

I think I need check why it is the doctors need to search by other fields, or if it makes more sense for them to use the Registration app. I know that they have also been having trouble with the search in the Registration app, but I haven’t been able to look into that yet.

Thanks for the help, while it would be nice for doctors to search in the Clinical app for all patients by patient name in the local language and by national id, I think this isn’t a priority now. It is likely doctors can use the registration app and I can add a link to the patient dashboard from there.