Customize Patient Registration Form

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Is it possible to add new section on the patient registration form? Currently I have many fields under “Other Information” and I want to split it into 2 sections

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@dkayiwa is this possible to achieve?

Look into this WIKI page. You can group customer attributes together as sections under “patientInformation” Section through registration app configuration.

Thanks @angshuonline for pointing me to this wiki. I managed to add fields to an existing section, however I couldn’t rename it. I wanted to rename Additional Patient Information to Next of Kin Information

I made changes to app.json as per below screenshot

The registration form now looks like this

One more thing, how do I duplicate the Additional Patient Information so that another one appears just below it.

Create another section like “Additional Patient Info”. For changing the label, you need to change the in the translation bundle. check /var/www/bahmniapps/i18n/registration/locale_en.json … find the right key and change it.

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Thanks @angshuonline. Managed to get this sorted

Hello @angshuonline

Can I add a custom translation key on /var/www/bahmniapps/i18n/registration/locale_en.json. I want the below sections to have different names, Next of Kin Information and Medical Aid Details

These are the steps I took

  • Changed this translation key "REGISTRATION_TITLE_ADDITIONAL_PATIENT":"Next of Kin Information",

  • Modified app.json as per below

      "additionalPatientInformation": {
                          "title": "Next of Kin Information",
                          "attributes": [
      				"patientFinancialInformation": {
                          "title": "Medical Aid Details",
                          "attributes": [
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So we are doing all this changes in var/www/bahmni_config/openmrs/apps/registration/app.json correct?

i too Updated the json file but i am not able to see the changes there. @community, any help?

Hello @tapologo , Are you able to change the additional section name that you’ve added?? If so, Please help me with it. I am also getting both sections with same name.