Customization of page title

I have OpenMRS 2.2 with reference application running. I have customized the installation to reflect the name and logo of our clinic; however, I am stuck with the page title. When you go to, for example, find a patient, the page title is OpenMRS Electronic Medical Record. I could not find where I can customized this to add our clinic name.

I always appreciate your help

You can find it inside file located at: /openmrs-module-uicommons-1.7/api/src/main/resources/

Thanks @themoonraker13 I already changed that in the ui-commons module and I re-upload it. but it didn’t work. I restarted tomcat. It didnt work. I even stopped all modules and restarted them … no luck… it is still there… I am almost sure that it is coming from ui-commons … but not sure how to make the changes I made visible. Any Idea

@yadamz you can change this:

Thanks @dkayiwa I already did. I have change the ui-common module. then I uploaded it. I restarted tomcat. however, the changes did not show … I installed the new ui-commons module and I examined it using eclipse … the messages has been successfully changed but the new message does not appear when I upload the module … I am getting confused… if I already changed the messages , why is the original message still showing when I start openMRS .

In which folder are you putting the compiled module?

@dkayiwa Under application data /openMRS /Modules The folder where we usually have all modules … I didn’t change the module name …

I would need the exact full path to the modules folder. Also how are you running OpenMRS? From an IDE? Or differently?

Thanks @dkayiwa attached is a screen shot from my windows server. As an implementer, I downloaded JDK,MySQL, Tomcat and I am running OpenMRS there.

How did I change the messages in the ui-commons module? I downloaded the modules from the installation package. Then installed openmrs. I exported the module to my local machine, opened the module using eclipse, changed the logo and messages. then I uploaded the module again to my server. the images is now changed as expected. The messages are not.

Thanks again for your help

Are you also running openmrs from eclipse? Can i look at your compiled omod?

@dkayiwa I am not sure exactly what running OpenMRS from eclipse means… I have eclipse downloaded on a different machine. here is a screen shot of the project

@dkayiwa is there any suggestion that I can try

Still waiting for the compiled omod.

@dkayiwa no worries … But I am not sure what should I send … The whole file or screen shots of files … Do u mind advising me :slight_smile:

Send me what you normally get from

Thanks @dkayiwa I can email it to you as one omod file … Does that work? As It is not posted anywhere online …