Customization in openEMR Reports

  1. We could not add banner in reports which are generated from Bahmni openEMR side. We want to adding banner in reports header portion. How could we add banner in reports which are generated from Bahmni openMRS database?

  2. We want to create/generate user wise registration count report from openmrs database and print this report which are including the username in the report header. but now it is not possible existing reports module. At present Bahmni reports module takes 3 parameters (start date, end date and report format) from user end. How could we generate user specific reports/user wise reports?

Is it possible or not in existing bahmni reports at openEMR side? If possible, please can anyone help to solving this issue?


Hello @atuar123,

As per your requirement for adding banner in the report header,

You can achieve this by Bahmni EMR Embedding Reports,

Bahmni allows one to embed the data exported by the report in an existing workbook template with formulae.

In the existing workbook template, you can add your banner and keep this excel template on the server and add the formula to show your report.

The output of this report will be an excel sheet only.

Another thing is about the Bahmn EMR Report customization that’s would not prefered option to follow, Maybe community members can provide inputs.