Customizable Billing Module

good day, i am a bsc health information management student who have got no java nor any software development knowledge and i have been given a task to customise openmrs for a clinic in my internship which requires module designs and i tried to develop but failed so is there anyone here with an optimised openmrs version that has functions as billing (the way the billing module works is not satisfactory to the clinic) so i have to customise it bt maven archetypes and eclipse are failing me some1 plis rescue me.

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Yes Indeed you are right Morena, extending a module functionality or Module Design altogether requires some programming skills,Java,spring framework.for service tier and Hibernate ORM for persistence,JSP,and Javascript /AngularJS for presentation or UI Maven is a project Building tool and Eclipse A development / Programming Environment,they are simply tools which are useless unless used to do something… please follow the links below For an overview of development

or how to use openmrs from

you can also watch how to on youtube —

Thank you… i did look into all those, the guides all of them, but still at the end it still brings me back to programing and when i try to setup the environment (maven archetype and eclipse) they faild to operate just fine though i followed the step by step installation guides from the developers guide pdf.

so can i say you need a finished product? or you need guidance,because if you need guidance then you may have to learn those skils

currently i have been learning java but then i failed to setup the required environments for developing modules so i il say i need a finished product now.

ok i will help flag your problem

thanl you,that wil be great

Hi @morena, for a finished product, I would recommend you look into Bahmni and their OpenERP integration for billing.

@arbaughj thank you will do just that

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i think your company don’t really need this billing modules , it is a good practice now to work with a serios medical billing company that will do all the billing audits . There are many companies that have professional team including former FBI investigatores and in-house lawyers .