Customise openerp theme in bahmni

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Good day guys, please how can i access the openerp theme that come preinstalled with bahmni, we want to customize the entire ui and implement responsive mobile design just like the bahmni emr, but i cant seem to locate the ui folder for openerp.thanks

OpenERP/Odoo themes are packaged and installed like regular OpenERP/Odoo modules. Therefore, the best approach to take if you want to customize the OpenERP UI would be to create or download a theme and install it.

There are many back-end themes in the Odoo app store that you can choose from, but most of them are for Odoo version 8 or letter. Support for latest version of Odoo is on the Bahmni roadmap and I think your effort would be well invested if you take the same direction and start testing upgrade of OpenERP/Odoo.

Ok. So is there any work around for this that you can propose because I would encounter a lot of configuration issues if I use odoo which is not supported by bahmni. Thanks

I don’t think there is any work around to this. The effort that it would take to make OpenERP 7 (…which is the version that Bahmni currently installs) fully responsive would be far higher compared to trying an upgrade and use available themes. -And even if you are considering writing a custom theme, it is probably easier to write themes for recent OpenERP/Odoo versions than for OpenERP 7.

Ok let’s look at it this way. Bahmni comes with openerp 7 right can just upgrade it to version 8 if yes what ways would you suggest without breaking platform and requiring massive configuration. Thanks

You can try setting up a separate instance that runs a recent version of Odoo (… like Odoo 9 ), and setup Bahmni to sync data there and see how it goes.

…maybe this post can help.

-This is not however for production servers and you would also have some work migrating your current data from OpenERP 7 to Odoo 9 if it’s about upgrading a production server… there will fore sure be a migration path provided once there is an official Bahmni release that installs a recent version of Odoo.

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