Custom UI code for laboratory, radiology, analytics modules

Hi @gsluthra,

We are trying to change the UI screens of dcm4chee, openelis and metabase modules, but we are unable to understand how to get the ui code access and integrate it with docker of bahmni standard.

For bahmni apps, we have a variable called BAHMNI_APPS_PATH, and for odoo modules we have a variable called BAHMNI_ODOO_MODULES_PATH. These are added in the docker-compose .yml file under volumes to see our custom changes being reflected.

Is there a similar way for all the modules which I have mentioned above? Because the color schema is different for all of them, we want to make sure everything is as per our needs.

We don’t control metabase code. We just package it as-is. If you wish to modify metabase UI, you will need to go to metabase, clone their code, and build a new image.

For OpenELIS, all code is here:

Here too, you will need to maybe build your own image for OpenELIS. See this:

@mohant / @umairfayaz - For dcm4chee, do we build the docker image ourselves? I am unable to find the dockerfile for it.

Currently for DCM4CHEE we are building the image ourselves. The dockerfile is here. pacs-integration/package/docker/dcm4chee/Dockerfile at master · Bahmni/pacs-integration · GitHub

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