Custom Reports for Bahmni Reports

Hi Team, I am new to Bahmni, I am trying to create a custom report such that I can get all of the appointments based on some date filter. Can I get few insights on this issue please.

A related thread which shows a sample SQL for Appointments: Appointment report does not match Appointment Schedule module

How to create a custom report in bahmni:

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thanks @gsluthra

Can we Increase the number of parameters for reports? for example currently we have start date and end date, can add more parameters like get reports with patient name.

Can you share some examples of what reports you are trying to create? There might be other ways to do that possibly. Have you explored options here:

  2. 6 EMR Reports that Improve Patient Care at JSS | by Arjun Khandelwal | Bahmni Blog | Medium

With regards to CustomSQL reports, I can only see start/end data based examples – since most reports are for a period. But I can imagine a use-case where you are saying, I want a report where besides dates I want to choose department, or program name, or location, or some such extra filter criteria in the report screen. Maybe someone can answer this for you.

Also - you can explore some 3rd party reporting tool (like Metabase) to be able to create fully custom reports. GitHub - metabase/metabase: The simplest, fastest way to get business intelligence and analytics

I have explored the bahmni wiki, I have to create

  1. Appointment Report
  2. Registration Report
  3. Procedure Report
  4. Consultation Report
  5. Referrals Report With your shared references I was able to understand how to access the parameters inside the sql queries.