Custom Excel Report in Openmrs not displaying data

I am trying to use a custom excel file to run OpenMRS report, it is running correctly in Web Preview , but in the Excel Sheet it is just displaying field names. report-renderer-setup report-web-preview custom-renderer-setup excel-output excel-file-template

Any help will be appreciated.


@satyadoorva - at first glance at the screenshots you provided, it appears as though you have not configured the repeating sections property that needs to be specified. This is what tells the renderer to “repeat” row #8 in your template with each row in your ListOfPatients dataset.

See: Render a Report Into a Custom Excel File - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

Hi @mseaton ,

Thanks for the reply.

I configured repeating sections as per this URL

However the data is still not reflecting.

Can you please advise.


@satyadoorva try to change dataset name in your Excel custom template from “ListOfPatients” to ‘ListofPatients’ as it is the right key seen here in your dataset mapping

@dbaluku changed but no change in output as per

@satyadoorva you don’t have to define the columns "1-5 " on the repeating Section section .Leave the Column field blank

@dbaluku thanks a ton this helped a lot!!!

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