Custom emoji requests

Can we get two more custom emojis, please?



Checked with their legal terms and got the :+1:





The :github: icon :github: doesn’t fair well on dark backgrounds. For example, see my user card.

Could we swap it with one that has an opaque octocat like this: ?

Unfortunately they don’t allow any modifications to the logo at all, but there’s also :github_w: which will render a white-on-transparent version that you probably won’t see here: :github_w:

Also, keep in mind that we automatically add GitHub ID to the full profile page – e.g., Profile - burke - OpenMRS Talk – if it’s listed in your profile. (The icon there is from FontAwesome and added via CSS.)


Yeah. I can live with the redundancy. I like having it on the user card and having it linked to GitHub. :thumbsup:

This is very nice, yes. Unfortunately we can’t add hyperlinks by adding CSS content :before or :after the custom user field. :-1:

If you have a place to insert custom HTML, you could add something like:

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
  /* Convert user field value into a link to GitHub account */
  $(".user-field-value").each(function() {
    if (!$(this).has("a")) { /* skip if our work is done */
      $(this).html("<a href='" + $(this).text() + 
        "' target='_blank'>" + $(this).text() + "</a>")


Of course, it would need to be tweaked if you planned on having any other user field value.

YAY! I love this!