"Current Vist Actions" dont shop up on my patients summary page

on the patient summarry page in my standalone ref app, the Current Vist Actions doesnt appear. could it be because of missing priviledges or missing app? @tendomart @burke @dkayiwa @danfuterman

@mozzy You’re too brief ,i personally do not know what you’re doing.

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ok let me add explain more… i want to add save a diagnosis to the obs tabale…and carry out some testing , in oder to complete a certain ticket. but in order to save the diagnosis…i must do it via the “vist notes” under “current vist actions” on the patient summary onthe reffrence apllication

this is how my patient summarry page look like

this is how it shud be

i hope u can now get my point, on my patient summary on that dark blue page …i only have “General Actions”

even wen i click start vist , and add a vist to the patient , i dont get wat i want

@mozzy did you read through this http://booki.flossmanuals.net/openmrs-guide/

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By the way, which version of the OpenMRS standalone are you running?

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i downloaded a complete set of reference application 2.7… it sims its running on openmrs platform version 2.06

i had decided to just acces the database instead and directly insert data into the obs table…so that i do the testing for the new EMRapi module… yesterday i succesfuly connected to the mysql with “openmrs” as a user …and used the password from the run_time properties file,… but today , the moment i got the idea of inserting data directly, it has utterly failed to connect …with the warning "ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'openmrs'@'localhost' (using password: YES) "

here is my run-time properties file

#Last updated by the OpenMRS Standalone application.
#Wed Jun 20 01:37:01 MDT 2018
vm_arguments=-Xmx512m -Xms512m -XX:PermSize=256m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -XX:NewSize=128m

and thepassword am extracting from it is “AzJ@5zYK|^tk”

thx @tendomart am going to go thru it

Just in case your standalone is messed up, just delete your standalone expanded folder, unzip and run it again to setup afresh.

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is that meant to solve the two problems … connecting to the database and displaying “current vist actions” ?

thx sir @dkayiwa…wen i re-extracted the zip file, i have connected without problems…and i think …let me just do the rest directly , after al am alredy seeing alot of data in the obs table… let me go straight to testing the new EMRapi module , whether it can migrate the data