Current Standing of Bahmni 0.92 and the CIEL Dictionary

I understand the previous versions of Bahmni heavily relied on concept sets and concepts for many functional configurations.

We are currently running Bahmni 0.92 , and we want to use the complete CIEL dictionary.

Am still hesitant to ovewrite the default concepts in Bahmni (0.92) with the CIEL Concepts, i fear to break things .

I tried to look at this document , and this talk post Bahmni and the CIEL dictionary , but it seems like many features now in Bahmni 0.92 no longer rely on Concepts and concepts sets for configurations say Building forms

Is there any Custom concepts i should keep as of version 0.92 ??

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I don’t follow the Bahmni releases well enough to know, but I don’t think you can just overwrite the dictionary. I think our intent was to use OCL for OMRS to add additional concepts on top of a set Bahmni package. I think the approach would be to load the Bahmni standard dictionary into OCL and make a new collection/dictionary which combines the CIEL concepts.

One thing we understood originally, was that the Subscription module is supposed to leave existing concepts alone, so theoretically, if you create a dictionary in OCL from CIEL and then subscribe to it, it should only add and not overwrite existing concepts. You have to be careful that there are no duplicate concepts from your old system, however.

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Sure. However that will need alot of manual work though

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  • Bahmni does not include/bundle any standard dictionary

  • Bahmni “demo” (implementation config: default) comes with some sets of concepts. a) diagnosis (ICD-10), Lab (LOINC), and some basic LEM (meds).

  • You may start with your own clean installation of Bahmni (thats what we suggest)

  • In the clean slate case, you are free to load up any terminology sets that you want. (For example, in India, there is a group which uses some limited sets coded to SNOMED-CT, as India is a member)

  • There are very limited sets of concepts that are still needed to be present (like “All labs and Panels”, “Offline concepts” etc) - these do not need to be coded, but the concepts by such FSNs need to be there.

  • If you start with a clean slate, do not copy paste from default config, start your own.

  • If you want to load CIEL, you can easily do so. Prepare the datasets in CSV (or programatically) and load them in Bahmni. Setup the “tests”, “diagnosis” etc sets, and create corresponding configuration in bahmni app configuration files. The process is simple, but it may take time.

Thank you @angshuonline for providing the insights on using the CIEL for Bahmni. Any documentation on the approach that you have mentioned in Last step ? wiki would be best. cc @anant

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