csv upload/migration into Bahmni for patient programs and encounter data

Hi, I’m looking into migrating some existing data into the Bahmni EMRS. I’ve been looking at the documentation and have a couple of questions.

Firstly - the documentation for the programs migration seems to be a placeholder with no real detail: https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/BAH/pages/53313567/Migrate+Programs

So I was wondering does the migrate programs feature allow you to migrate a program (eg HIV program, MCH program) or does it allow you to migrate patient registrations into a program (ie the data that gets saved in the patient_program table (and its related tables) in the openmrs database?

If the latter is there an example csv file that anyone can share with me?

Secondly - for migrating encounter data. When looking at the documentation https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/BAH/pages/13697066/Migrate+Patient+and+Encounter+Data the table of csv fields and the example csv field don’t appear to include anything that would allow you to associate the data with a specific program registration for the patient.

For example, a patient currently has an active TB program registration and an earlier (inactive) TB program registration. Can the csv upload be set up to specify which of the two program registrations the encounter/observation data should be added to?

If it is possible to use the csv upload feature and control which program registration the data is added to, could anyone provide me with some guidance on how to do this and an example csv file?

Hi @gchan,

The answer to this is that the import allows you to migrate patient registrations into a program. Indeed, the wiki page is blank and we need to update it (apologies for that and thanks for letting us know). Can you try this sample csv file and see if it works for you? programs.csv (140 Bytes)

Unfortunately this ability to import encounter data in the context of a program is not supported yet.

@angshuonline @arjun please add if I have missed out something here.

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Thanks Sruti - that’s clearer. Appreciate the info. I’ll give the migrate program registrations an attempt.

Hi @sruti , one further question. In the programs.csv file is it possible to add a column for program attributes? If so, what is the format for the column heading?


Hi @gchan,

No, adding program attributes through the CSV file is also not supported yet. I am creating a Jira card to track this as a possible enhancement to our programs import. Would you/your team be able to do this and contribute it back?