CSV UPLOAD: Encounter csv upload fails when a concept has dot(.)

Hello, CSV upload for observations(encounter) fails when a concept has a dot(.) in concept names.

Find an example and wiki

We are planning to support configurable separator instead of the fixed dot(.) EG: Repeat.1.Obs.History and Examination.History and Examination Notes (Existing) Repeat.1.Obs.History and Examination$History and Examination Notes (Suggested) Please note $ in the above example which is configured in global properties.

This is supported only for obs(in encounter upload) to avoid changing other rules in CSV upload feature.

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unsure. have you tried checking the log? what does it say?

It throws the null pointer exception when a concept has a dot in it.

The following is the piece of code in bahmni-core which explicitly splits csv headers by dot(.) which of-course splits concepts into multiple parts(if it has dot) and eventually can’t find that concept.

public List<EncounterTransaction.Observation> getObservations(EncounterRow encounterRow) throws ParseException {
    List<EncounterTransaction.Observation> observations = new ArrayList<>();
    if (encounterRow.hasObservations()) {
        Date encounterDate = encounterRow.getEncounterDate();
        for (KeyValue obsRow : encounterRow.obsRows) {
            if (obsRow.getValue() != null && !StringUtils.isEmpty(obsRow.getValue().trim())) {
                List<String> conceptNames = new ArrayList<>(Arrays.asList(obsRow.getKey().split("\\.")));

                String lastConceptName = conceptNames.get(conceptNames.size() - 1);
                Concept lastConcept = Context.getConceptService().getConceptByName(lastConceptName);
                    ConceptNumeric cn = (ConceptNumeric) lastConcept;
                    if(!cn.isAllowDecimal() && obsRow.getValue().contains(".")){
                        throw new APIException("Decimal is not allowed for "+ cn.getName() +" concept");

                EncounterTransaction.Observation existingObservation = getRootObservationIfExists(observations, conceptNames, null);
                if (existingObservation == null) {
                    observations.add(createObservation(conceptNames, encounterDate, obsRow));
                } else {
                    updateObservation(conceptNames, existingObservation, encounterDate, obsRow);

    return observations;


Find more details in ObservationMapper