CSV Import with Multi Select Concepts

Hello, I need support with importing data into a multi select concept via the csv importer. Using this talk thread, I’ve formatted my csv as follows:

  • Column header for multi select concept: Repeat.1.Obs.form2$NCD$NCD, Diagnosis?MultiSelect=true Note: My form2 is named ‘NCD’ and my concept is named ‘NCD, Diagnosis’

  • Value for muti select concept: Chronic Kidney Disease$Other

When I import the file attached, using ‘Form2 encounter (with validations)’ I get an error file with the message ‘No concepts found in form2$NCD$NCD, Diagnosis’

Note we are on bahmni core version 0.94-143 and our ‘bahmni.admin.csv.upload.obs.multiSelect.splitter’ value is $

Any help here is greatly appreciated.

Thank you! Lauren Fregosi

Correction, we are on version 0.93-143.


@lauren.fregosi Changes related to importing multi select concepts merged to product as part of this PR on 21st April 2021. Bahmni Core version was 0.94-SNAPSHOT. I guess, these changes are not part of 0.93-143 version.

@angshuonline @binduak can confirm the release date for Bahmni core-0.93-143 ?

cc : @gsluthra

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