Criteria for hosting the OpenMRS Implementer's Meeting

Believe it or not, we’re already starting to think about the next OpenMRS Implementer’s Meeting. :slight_smile:

It’s been a couple of years since we’ve looked at the criteria for hosting these meetings. Before we kick the application process off, we thought that we would check in and see if there are any changes we want to make to the hosting criteria.

Here is what has been used for OMRS17 in Malawi and OMRS18 in Kenya:

  1. Significant local OpenMRS community activity, that is, a presence of regional community with the country, hackathons, long-standing community membership e.t.c.
  2. Country helps support long-term strategic interests of the OpenMRS community
  3. Easy access, that is, good international airport, liberal visa policies, local transportation.
  4. Availability of travel and hotel infrastructure suitable to host the meeting.
  5. Provision of good security throughout the conference.
  6. Commitment to OpenMRS as a network, regional, or country level platform for patient-level record keeping.
  7. Strong local hosting organization with an ability to engage local resources/sponsorship
  8. Underserved environment.
  9. Willingness to host OpenMRS clinical site visits.

Are these criteria still valid? What, if anything, would you change? Let us know what you think.


Do we want to include criteria for choosing between countries which have ever hosted the meeting before, when competing with those which have never?

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+1 I support what you have including @dkayiwa’s suggestion.

Additionally, support from the hosting country government for smooth running of the preparations.

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I noticed a drop in dev partners / sponsors last year #OMRS18 compared to #OMRS16 ,any explanation for this.Could we also ever see a front or meet up for implementing partners ,dev and other service providers ? Or even an array of the endless Implementations apart from the obvious ones.

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Thanks Jen. These criteria as still valid. Do we have insights from the post-conference surveys done over the past couple of years?

@wanyee, in terms of hosting criteria, there hasn’t been much feedback from the surveys that would be addressed by the criteria - more feedback around the schedule. I think some of @tendomart’s questions could also be addressed when thinking through how the schedule is organized.

@irenyak1, I think there are several criteria where host country government can come out - specifically #2. Are there specific changes that you would like to make to #1, #2, or #7 to help with this?

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Ok that’s fine. I see it is captured in there.