Creating User Accounts in Reference Application

I’m looking into RATEST-157 which entails creating User Accounts and then granting different privileges to them. I seem to have two options to achieve this: Via

  1. SystemAdminstartionApp → ManageAccountsApp → AddNewAccount
  2. SystemAdminstrationApp → AdvancedAdminisatrationApp → ManageUsers → AddUser

    My question is: which of the two options would be the best alternative in achieving the desired goal?

@kdaud IMO 2 looks to be a better option

Thanks @kdaud and @gcliff , According to current qa based workflow we are advised to carry out referenceapplication test based approach since we are moving away from legacy test based Api.


@dkayiwa @k.joseph @ibacher any idea on this as far as automated tests are concerned as the community evolves from getting rid of manual testing?

1 should work right since it is 2.x ref app? avoid the legacy ui completely except for critical workflows