Creating symlinks between host machine and docker container

In docker container in var folder earlier following links exist :

As per instructions i changed the symlinks but now my appp is not running and i am even not able to restore previous symlink. I changed config and bahmni ux symlinks please guide me @danfuterman @darius @vinay @mksd @binduak @arjun @angshuonline

Some console errors:

Hi @manmeet, can you clarify where these instructions came from, and give some detail of this to help contextualise the issue? Are you trying to work on the frontend and/or create an OWA?

I may be wrong on this, but I think the directions in the wiki that deal with symlinks are based around use of the Vagrant box, rather than Docker. So the instructions and expected behaviour could vary.

Well, its the same whether its docker or vagrant. In vagrant, you can have a synced folder, and in docker, you can have a shared volume.

(I helped setup Manmeet’s docker instance) Once you have a shared volume between a host and container, the symlink setups are exactly the same. All that will change is the location of the directories for the symlink.

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