Creating report based on concept reference terms

Application Name: Bahmni Version Number: 0.91

Question: Hello, I am new to OpenMRS and my first time posting to this platform. I have been experimenting with Bahmni and OpenMRS for sometime and found it to be really powerful platform. While exploring the reporting capabilities of the system i understand that the system allows users to design and generate many types of reports. Given the vast and complicated nature of the report designer interface, I couldn’t figure out if it support one reporting use case that i am looking for which is to generate reports based on concept reference terms.

Consider this example, I have two concepts, let say, “Anemia” and “Thromobocytopenia” and both of these concepts are mapped to a concept reference term called “Disorders of the circulatory system” with map type of “narrower than”. I then add two patient visits each with consultation encounter where “Anemia” and “Thromobocytopenia” concepts are used as values for diagnosis on the first and second visit encounters respectively.

My question is: Is it possible to generate a report using the reference term “Disorders of the circulatory system” to get, lets say, a count of visits with diagnosis made that are linked to the “Disorders of the circulatory system” reference term (in our example result would be 2)

I hope i am making sense. I am all new to the platform and trying to understand it better.