Creating observations while patient has chosen the option from Disposition tab under consultation


In Bahmni we can admit the patient to hospital in two ways.

1)First way is from “Consultation” doctor can go to disposition tab and select “Admit” from the drop down. Use case can be doctor can consult the patient and suggested him to admit in the hospital.

Once doctor choses Admit, that patient will be appeared on “To Admit” tab in IPD if it is configured. And I can select the patient and click on Admit Patient.

Technically what we are doing is when doctor has selected Admit from the dropdown we are creating the disposition observations in Obs table. 2)Second way is in IPD if All tab is configured then user can chose any patient and Admit to the hospital. I think use case of this is Emergency cases.

While we are doing this we are not creating any disposition observations in the Obs table.

Any reason that we need to create disposition observations while admitting the patient from disposition tab in clinical ? What is the better approach, creating the observations irrespective the flow or not creating the observations in both the flows ?

For more information please refer to the following mingle card