creating new forms in reference application

Hi, I am a primary care doctor working in india, using reference application standalone with demo mode. I am a newbie so forgive me for basic questions. I am trying to create new form ( under manage form) but have failed so far. This is my workflow. 1)I duplicate a preexisting new form, edit it, fill in new fields(with kinown concept ids) the form is visible under manage forms, but when i go in form entry csection that form is never visible.

2)This pretty simple thing is frustrating me. if iget started doing this i might mover over to html forms. But this is holding me back.

  1. i try to import existing forms with metadata package, but all of them fail saying a different version

  2. for an extensive community like this, a good you tube video…or even a hangout video showing basic steps of this critical process might be appreciated… if i can get a hang of this , i will surely do for a non geeky end user like me… because as i understand concept data and customized form buiding are heart of open mrs

@anupam sorry about the frustration and thanks for the useful feedback. In order to see a form in the formentry section, you would need to either create an html or xform, depending on which you find easier. To create a htmlform, take a look at:

To create an xform, take a look at:

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