Creating FHIR extensions for OpenMRS fields

Dear community,

We are working on SYNC 2 module. One of the goals is to use FHIR standard to synchronize objects between OpenMRS instances.

We open this topic to discuss extensions that we are proposing to create to make synchronization using FHIR possible.

For the beginning, we created extensions for base OpenMRS fields such as date changed, changed by, voided etc. You can access them here. Each extension is described on a single child page.

We suggest you to register those extensions in repository. This is required to allow correct synchronization using FHIR standard.

Each extension page on WIKI contains JSON that represents extension structure. Use it to register an extension in the repository.

Please let us know when the extension will be registered. We will have to implement usage of it in FHIR module code.

Kind regards, Karol

@darius @burke @SolDevelo

@kcissewski is this an issue where you do not have permission to register the extensions?

@dkayiwa Of course we can register those extensions but in our opinion it would be better if the community would own them. If in future the community would make some changes or register new extensions then the community can do it on their own. Also it would be good if all extensions used in OpenMRS will exists in one place (project).

@kcissewski you are already part of the community. :smile:

So what you need is, properly document the process that any community member would need to go through, in order to register new ones or update the ones you have created.

Okay so we will handle it :smiley:

We will post an update about created extensions and proper documentation describing how to create and update them.