Creating Drug Order Sets

Hi all, We have been working on a module to assist us order for drugs and we have been successful with that. As of now we are able to Order for individual drugs and also we can discontinue a drug order.

We now wanted to implement a feature to enable us to order sets of drugs. Is there anyone who has worked on this or working on this now?

Please advise. Thanks.

@rtanui, the Bahmni team introduced Order Sets and Order Groups to the OpenMRS API in OpenMRS Platform 1.12.x. I’m not sure if/where this is documented, but you should take a look at the data model changes and Java API docs since that version of the platform.

Very glad to hear that.

@darius, do you know if there is a published data model for 1.12.x / platform 2.0.x? This will help us to plan the upgrade from 1.11.5 to 2.0.5.

Also, is there any documentation on the rest api for ordersets?


I don’t know. @burke used to keep up to date, but it ends at 1.11.x. Maybe he can update with the latest, and get the instructions for doing so incorporated into the release process…

The REST API documentation is generated dynamically by the server. So you just need to look at any server that’s running OpenMRS 1.12+. For example:

(Or, if you want to see a version that doesn’t include various RefApp modules, you could get a clean installation of the latest release via the OpenMRS SDK or by downloading the Standalone.)

Thanks Darius! We will do some experimentation on this.