Creating an app to collect patient reported outcomes and report them into OMRS

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My team is developing an application to collect self reported outcomes from patients after they are discharged from surgery. Has anyone else has developed something similar, and we are sending the final record to an O3 instance.

The workflow is that once someone is discharged, after a set time, they are sent a SMS message. This message contains a unique URL which will redirect to a simple form with a survey about how they are doing, and an option to attach a photo of the surgical wound.

We need the survey to be available without any particular app, and can be accessed from a phone via WIFI.

I think I want the survey to be saved as a FHIR resource unless I can be convinced otherwise, and it makes sense as a questionnaire / response object, or maybe a better fit would be a diagnostic report, so that the calculated overall score can be shown on the patient chart with results of other diagnostics like lab results and can be easily shown over time.

I welcome any thoughts or any good starting points if someone has already gone down a similar road! We want this data flow to be reusable by other apps that we may want to report to an EMR for other use cases of course.

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For context, this questionnaire is similar to a screening tool like a PHQ-9 or such, where there is a simple scoring algorithm to compute a risk score. I believe I see something similar in OHRI @eudson @samuel34? Thought maybe some folks have determined an approach to storing the questionnaire responses and the scoring.


@ibacher @antony @eudson any thoughts on how to store this type of data?

So I would think of this a bit in terms of the FHIR SDC IG. First, there’s a Questionnaire that defines the form structure and a QuestionnaireResponse which stores the values as captured on the form (this can include calculated values on the form; the SDC IG even includes a PHQ-9 example where the score is calculated as part of the form.

For some cases, that’s enough. However, the SDC IG also has some notes on form data extraction which is about converting the QuestionnaireResponse into more clinically useful resources, and here the most basic way to do that is to convert the form responses into Observations, which is how data would ultimately be stored in OpenMRS.

We currently do not have any FHIR-based form capabilities in OpenMRS, but as long as it can be converted into observations, it can be stored an used in the EHR.


@janflowers apologies for late response on this. In OHRI we don’t have such use case but I know our colleagues in Namibia @asen123 did something similar but I think the data was mapped directly to forms , therefore Observations (as also suggested by @ibacher on his response). I personally think Observation would be the ideal data-structure to use in such scenarios unless your use case can fit the PHQ-9 model.

@asen123 feel free to add more about your experience and use cases.


@caseynth2 ICYMI your team might be interested in leveraging the messaging work that is being done in these 2 active GSOC projects:

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How is the PHQ-9 modeled in openmrs?