creating a server to run the OpenMRS platform or a distribution

Hello everyone ;

i have been following the sdk wiki page steps in regards to creating a server to run the OpenMRS platform or a distribution as seen here but i get this error “Failed to setup server: NullPointerException” when it comes to selecting the database username… I need some assistance on how to resolve this … Thanks

@k.joseph @raff

are u entering the details rightly? u may need to run with -X option to get more detailed logs

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@gcliff have you specified the right database username? because if you keenly follow the error log, it’s at that point that it fails.

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As @irenyak1 has said…it’s better to type in even the default values.

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true, its were the error is coming from tho i didnt spsecify the username for the database, its roor by default,

@gcliff do you have a database mysql installed on your machine? you may not have to type the default values.

yes i do have it installed :+1:

what is its username @gcliff

when i was installing mysql i did not specify the username, thats why its root by default, it has finally worked,am now able to create the servers. i switched from git to windows command line and it worked


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great to hear,a few things to note here when you do not specify a database name,the name of the server becomes the name of the database by default.