Creating a REST service for a user-created class in the OpenMRS Core in the REST Service Module

Hi, I hope you’re all having a good day. My name is Alex Ferrín, and I’m currently having a problem. The thing is, I’ve added a new class to the OpenMRS core, the liquibase directives for creating a new table and the connections between them. And now I want to create, in the REST module, a new service that connects to my new added class on the OpenMRS core. I’m running into trouble when I compile the REST Module, as it doesn’t recognizes the classes I’ve made to the OpenMRS Core, and if I change the pom.xml dependency to my local OpenMRS core, I run into trouble of not having the core dependencies on my local maven repo. The question is: -Can I create a REST service in the REST service module that uses a new class created in my local OpenMRS core? If it’s possible, how to do so?

Did you consider adding the new class to a module instead of core?

Oh, I’ve forgotten about that possibility. I’ll try it right away. Thanks for replying