Creating a ReactJs based OWA that conforms to the OpenMRS Style Guide

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Hi Guys,

This might sound like a trivial question but I’d just go ahead and ask anyway😅. I am working on a GSOC project that entails the creation of an OWA for Password Reset, and ReactJs was chosen by myself and my mentors and the base library for that OWA. I created a scaffolded React app using the OpenMRS yoemann generator, and have begun customizing it to meet my project requirements.

Now here comes my silly question. I am fairly new to React and only picked it up a couple weeks back in preparation for this project. Although I’d say I’m comfortable coding in react, I can’t seem to figure out a way to implement the OpenMRS style guide in my React app. I have been following the discussion onthis thread, and although I learned that there’s an Openmrs react components repo available, which has react components I can use, I noticed most of the components are implemented with redux whereas I don’t intend to use redux in my OWA since it is simple enough that I could manage the states myself. Is there a link to some “OpenMRS css file” or something of the sort that I could use? If not, could someone point me in the right direction if I am missing something? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Did you take a look at this?

I just discovered that while researching. Looking into it now. Thanks for the reply