Creating a patient without creating a person, using REST API

Hello guys! i am trying to figuring out a way to create a patient directly without going through a series of steps mentioned here which uses two POSTs and multiple GET APIs.

The page itself says that

This page is out of date. E.g. with modern versions of the OpenMRS REST API it is not necessary to create a person and then a patient in two separate POSTs.

So I am trying to figure out that modern POST API

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@meullah i believe you can not create a patient with out a person because in the openmrs system a patient is an extension of a person. Every user authenticated in the system is a person and they can be a patient,provider or a system admin

your POST payload will look like this

{ “person”: “uuid”, “identifiers”: [ { “identifier”: “string”, “identifierType”: “uuid”, “location”: “uuid”, “preferred”: true } ] }

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@gcliff thanks, agreed to your point.

but i thought there might be another way as mentioned in the link above.

@meullah are you looking for something like this?

Thank you!