Creating a OpenMRS Talk tag with a period in it

OpenMRS Talk (Discourse) doesn’t officially support periods in tag names (ref); however, we often use tags with version numbers in them and versions look so much better with periods. What do we do?

Our workaround is to use unicode’s one dot leader (U+2024) character in the tag name. Browsers don’t like this character in domain names, because it can be used in phishing attacks, but its harmless (and hopefully remains so) within our tag names.

So, how do you create this unicode one dot leader (U+2024) character for your tag? You have two options:

  • Hold down the Alt key and type 2024. If you’re using a Mac, you’ll need to temporarily switch to the Unicode Hex Input keyboard to do it.

  • Just copy the character from the beginning of the next line and paste it when creating your tag name:

    ․ ← it might look like a period, but it’s a unicode a one dot leader (U+2024) character :slightly_smiling_face:

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