Creating a new user Acount on mdsBuilder server

:smiley: perfect . it has worked . Thanks @dkayiwa

But i think i would need to improve the documentation , to put a note that The CIEL dictionary uploaded should match the corresponding version on the server , otherwise it will be trouble some for some one else

That would be great! Are you already done with it?

That’s exactly what I asked @dkayiwa before. I still don’t understand how release managers should require this access. Should it be in helpdesk? On that case, can we just have a wiki page with the required permission? I say that because I wouldn’t know which permissions to grant to a new release manager.

Helpdesk looks like where they should go.

I just assigned him to the System Developer role.


am going to

@mozzy can you use the CI to deploy new versions of mdsbuilder instead of doing it locally using deploy-compose? I changed the docs yesterday to reflect on how it should be done instead.

The only things that should be done manually is adding more data/changing the database, and even that I’m not particularly happy on how it’s currently done.

I’d prefer to have a ticket so that’s get done via CI.

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Also @mozzy I’ve very confused why you created a PR to and you merged without waiting for a single review.

I disagree with both merging the PR without a reviewer and how it has been deployed. I’d appreciate if I could have a say before changes to our ansible repositories.

FYI, PIH is currently having problems exporting data from mds builder, so I suppose we’d like a little bit more communications here.

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your very right @cintiadr. i wanted to build a new image with the latest module versions using CI. it looked to me a very small change , thats why i ddnt wait for review, am sorry about that.

. However it actually ddnt work. the module versions weren’t upgraded in the mdsbuilder server to what i had upgraded

I only succeded in Updating the server to platform 2.2 and i did that manually locally running deploy-compose with the image you had built 5 months ago

Yes @cintiadr , its better to use CI than doing it locally

Your very right @cintiadr , am sorry about making that change without your say

@mozzy this is the second time you are merging your own pull request with complaints about not having waited for at least one review. You have just been upgraded to /dev/3 which gives you ability to merge, but this does not necessarily mean that you do not wait for reviews, however small the change may appear to you. Just exercise a little more caution and patience.

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Well, unfortunately as you’ve already ‘force’ deployed it and didn’t give me a chance to collect some information, I have very little chance of actually fixing the deployment.

I understand sometimes it’s tempting to deploy things quickly to get some quick wins, but we are here for the long game.

In a lot of spaces (like infrastructure), you won’t have the full context, and that’s when we rely on pull requests and reviews.

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true @cintiadr

Hello , This time am using openrms sql dump since varies the version of platform in Ref-app-distro server. as indicated here


cc @dkayiwa, @mozzy

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sure , true that

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