Creating a FHIR resource akin to OpenMRS Programs

From my informal conversations, many Implementers are using OpenMRS Programs to determine which forms (among other activities) should be displayed for a given patient. We (MF Squad) are in the very early phases of thinking about how to create workflows which involve starting a visit and completing a form. It would be ideal (and important) to make this possible via the existing data model. There is not a 1:1 equivalent in FHIR and in fact presently, the Program Openmrs resource has no FHIR mapping in the module. In the past this work was started ( which attempted to map Programs to FHIR CarePlans. It was discontinued due to concerns (I think) over appropriateness of this mapping.

I am interested to learn a few things from different implementations:

  1. Are you using programs? Are you using them to support workflows? Are you using them for other use cases?
  2. Are you using workflow states? How are you using them? I ask specifically about this because it may change how a mapping is done with regards to a fhir resource

I would be grateful for your feedback

Basing on the bootcamp that i had with the Nigeria implementations of OpenMRS, they use programs to support workflows. @ggomez @johnbosco @caniekwe @brightoibe