Create patient: Improve search of address hierarchy entries

Hi Bahmni team!

It seems that currently the patient address field only search by “start with”.

That is a bit of a problem in Haiti for instance where address names that are often composed of few words.

For instance “Plaine Céleste”. One cannot find this address by typing “Cél…” but must type the exact first characters: “Pla…” See below.

Same happens for “Les Gomiers” or “La Plaine” etc… where we need to type the exact “Les…” or “La …” etc…

What would it take to improve this?

Perhaps this could be changed to MatchMode.ANYWHERE (like here)?

@mogoodrich, @mseaton, do you remember why those two differ?

Worst case, we need to parameterize this feature and make sure that the parameter in question can be trickled down from the involved controllers.

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@mksd that would make sense to me. At the very least that would be a reasonable alternative method, or configuration. @mogoodrich can weigh in if this is intentionally designed this way.