Create form using Forms OpenMRS

hello, i want to create form using FORMS openMRS after plublised in Bahmni i need helps

Did you get a chance to look at this?

Thinks a lot I will do that

thinks a lot but i want to add another form not a observation form thins again

@oumarc77, my apologies, I am having trouble understanding your question.

Can you please explain more clearly what you want to do? For example could you share an annotated screenshot, or a mockup?

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hello @darius i wanted add another page in register module and one button at the end register’s form for showing my new page and put in this new page 2 forms(create and search) . or create new module same module register add new button same screenshot here

Hi Camara,

Can you please give us the use case for which you want to add new pages and modify Patient Registration Page.

Hi @swathivarkala I want to add another page after clicking a button that I would add next to the save button of the registration form, the new page will have the same template as the register page add and search … our hospital has a step of creating a purchase order after registering the patient thinks a lot

There is no facility to add a custom button on registration screen. However, you can set URL to navigate to once you click the start visit button.

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