Create custom HTMLForm tag for using in the forms

How do I create new / custom HTML tags for htmlforms within a module?

<customTag id="unique_id" />

Is there any tutorial or guide which I can follow?

I don’t think there’s any tutorial-style documentation of this.

One example is the codedOrFreeTextObs tag in the coreapps module. See these files:✓&q=CodedOrFreeTextObsTagHandler


This is supposed to include a static HTML in the form. The static page has a button and a canvas which is included in the custom module.

If that helps.

I suggest you look at the link I shared. It will tell you how to register a TagHandler in your module’s activator.

You also need to implement a generateHtml() method in Java.

If you’re working within the Reference Application context, and using the uiframework module, you can include your static html as is shown here: