Create a field to search Drug Concept in HTML form

hi all, I am trying to add a field in a HTML form where providers can search for drug name and save it in the form. Something similar to adding diagnosis to Visit Note. I have already imported the Drug Concepts database. Anybody has a simple way to add this drug search field to HTML. I appreciate your help

You will want to use the obs tag with answerDrugs=“true”.


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I think it matters whether you are trying to record a drug order for prescribing or dispensing versus just documenting the drug concept. As mentioned elsewhere, the concept table only includes drug ingredients… not branded names or strength/forms. If you want to document the actual drug prescribed (Amoxil 500 mg tablet) versus just Amoxicillin, then you have to use the drug table, not the concept table. @darius, do you have HTML form components for the drug table?

@akanter, the docs I linked to are for storing an obs whose value is a drug (formulation).

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Sorry, when I opened the link it opened to the and not the drug order part… didn’t see it. Thanks!