Create a category for the Add-On Index project?

Currently there is a #projects:modulus category in Talk.

We are going to replacing Modulus with a new tool called Add-On Index. (Details here, irrelevant for this question.)

Shall we create a new “Add-On Index” category under Projects?

(Also, I don’t know whether we have a formal mechanism for requesting new talk categories. I guess just posting here is fine.)

@darius since you’re an admin – you can actually create it yourself

Go to and click the Hamburger menu above the New Topic button and select New Category and fill out the form. Then populate the first post with info about what the category is for.

Thanks @r0bby! I know that I can do it myself, but I’m especially wondering about any feedback from people about process, appropriateness, etc. :slight_smile:

My personal opinion: if it seems approriate, make it – in this case it seems to make sense 110%.

Thanks for the +1. I went ahead and created #projects:add-on-index.