COVID Squad call - timing issue?

Hi COVID Squad team members (CC @jayasanka @piumal1999 @heshan @anjisvj @jteich @wanyee @dkayiwa @k.joseph @ibacher @akanter),

I can’t make our call this week at the usual time due to another critical call I can’t reschedule. I could attend one hour later than usual though - but this is very late in IST.

You’re very welcome to proceed with the call without me if you would like - the notes page is here: Etherpad

What would you prefer? I apologize, especially since we were just getting into some juicy stuff last week about the next sprint :slight_smile:


I probably couldn’t make it either… but let me know if you need anything

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Sorry, I missed this message. We had the call as usual and it was mainly focused on updates related to the current DHIS2 connector sprint. I updated the notes page. :slight_smile:


:100: Thank you Jayasanka!!