COVID Forms: How to ask "Refusal to Vaccinate" Question?

Sharing at request of Robai Kisia, QA & PM Team lead from Ampath:

We are wondering how other orgs are asking about Refusal-to-Vaccinate against COVID. Specifically, what “reasons why” options do you have?

We are trying to update our tool with more reasons, to capture reasons someone has not been vaccinated. Currently we capture these reasons:

  • Lack of Access
  • Lack of Knowledge
  • Stigma
  • Fear of Side Effects
  • Other

Do folks have any other suggestions for Robai & team? (CC @eachillah) Requesting input from folks who have been working on COVID form content, e.g. @ball @ddesimone @tanderson @slubwama @akanter @desalegnl @asresut @wamz

This is a great question… CIEL has various concepts for this, but would love to hear what people are actually using/recording!

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Which concepts did you have in mind Andy - do you mind sharing?

They weren’t specific to COVID. There is a 165362 Reason vaccination not done concept which includes:

Then there are some others like “concerns about privacy/stigma” or “fear of side effects”, but I would like to get something more recent from actual implementers, too.

This is an excellent question.

PIH does not record this information – at least not electronically.

I see that this is part of Ethiohri and there are some interesting reasons like specifically fearing the vaccine is laced with a contraceptive… Has there been anything further done with this question? I’d like to get these into CIEL if I can…