Covid-19 Screening and Counseling V1 updated in NepalEHR

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Dear Community Member,

NepalEHR team recently updated the screening notes for Community Health Care and Facilities based implementation in Nepal as V1, which has helped hospitals to provide, manage and coordinate the further care. We have updated the short notes in NepalEHR wiki . Thanks you to Possiblehealth and NepalEHR team for the support.

Feel free to suggest for the improvements we can work together.

@anant @laxmanm7 @suruchi @deepakneupane @dipakthapa


@sanjayap This is fantastic! Have you come across our COVID-19 Response thread? There are a few people on there who are working on COVID-19 concepts and a set of tools as well. It would be great to have your feedback on what they are working on and see how this all fits together.


Hi Jennifer, Thank you for your suggestion. I am getting touch with the thread for the possible collaboration.