Country Kosovo missing under CIEL:165657

Hello everyone,

There was noticed that the country Kosovo is missing under the concept CIEL:165657 (165657AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA).

This list is used for nationality, under HSU registration. image

Do you think it will be possible to add this country to this concept members?

Thank you!

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yeah sure ,

cc @akanter

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sure , ideally the whole work of building CIEL is manual , and CIEL isalways improved as the community provides feed back.

Thanks for providing feed back .

Am sure it will be added in the next CIEL release ,which usually happens every 3-4 months

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@akanter is there any way to speed up the process to at least fortnightly, otherwise end-users are forced to create custom concepts to meet their individual needs, since CIEL process is too slow

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@mozzy does he need to first wait for next weeks to release another version of CIEL by @akanter, or he can ask for privileges either access via drop box to fix it. or manually adding it ?

Thanks @ssmusoke This was my initial concern too , creating custom concepts as we wait for next release by @akanter

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i understand that …

But atleast , if end users were very cooperative in providing as much feed back as possible ( bring in their custom concepts) CIEL would have been better , other wise , many users keep their custom concepts for years

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ideally , you can always create your custom Dictionary (add your custom concepts) ,as you provide feed back to Andy and wait for a new release.

Its not very practicle to simply wait for the next release to add single country in the Dictionary

True dat :+1: :+1:

Isn’t this very thread an example of end users cooperating in providing feedback? And i have over time seen many others doing the same. :slight_smile:

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sure it is .

I was talking in general , responding to @ssmusoke 's comment .

Thats why i appreciated him for providing feedback

@mozzy your response to his comment means that the reason why the process is too slow is because end users are not very cooperative in providing as much feed back as possible. This is where i do not agree with you.

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your right :grinning:

Wow, quite a discussion related to a missing country which is not even fully recognized as a country globally :). I am happy to create a concept in CIEL and this will be available in the next release. I can provide the details if someone wants to add the concept manually to their CIEL-based concept dictionary, but this is the exact use case for using OCL for OpenMRS.

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Thanks @akanter! Much appreciated.

… and for the description :slight_smile:

BTW, I am in open communication with the community, but CIEL is a volunteer effort. If you have a specific requirement and timeline, just let me know and I will try to make it work. There are not enough high priority concept requests to support a regular every-other-week schedule. If there are, we will provide that. If you are interested in a service level agreement to guarantee a certain timeliness or level of service, that can be provided, but requires a paid contract. Thanks all!


Hi @akanter why is this mapped to the source SNOMED NP rather than SNOMED CT?

There is no SNOMED same-as mapping for Kosovo. It is mapped narrower than to the SNOMED code for Eastern European country. That screenshot is of the 1.6.6 interface which doesn’t show map type… and NP means non-same-as.

BTW, Republic of Serbia was missing as well. Added.

Thanks @akanter. You’re saying that our new Kosovo (CIEL:166062) is narrower than SNOMED’s 223643002. But why use a different source, why ‘SNOMED NP’?

Why not say narrower than SNOMED CT:223643002?